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Oil Filter Compatible LF4056 H17W27 W940/18 B7320 BT839 - MPS Filter

Oil Filter Compatible LF4056 H17W27 W940/18 B7320 BT839 - MPS Filter

Compatible filter for your reference:
Donaldson P551553, AGCO W197412A, ALLIS-CHALMERS 657368, ALLIS-CHALMERS 2483998, ALLIS-CHALMERS 248399, AMBAC S29, AMERICAN PARTS 92249, AMERICAN PARTS 92196, AMERICAN PARTS 92553, AMERICAN PARTS 92552, AMERICAN PARTS 618, ARMAFILT O931450, ASV INCORPORATED 0302853, AUSTIN-WESTERN 60066, BAKER 737AD1, BIG A 92259, BIG A 92249, BIG A 92196, BIG A 92553, BIG A 92552, BIG A 618, BOBCAT 6516722, BOLENS 1812492, BOMAG 53531114, CAN-FLO RSE3025N, CAN-FLO RSE3025, CAN-FLO CFRS352512P, CASE/CASE IH SFD18502, CASE/CASE IH H371872, CASE/CASE IH 311654, CATERPILLAR 9Y4448, CATERPILLAR 3I1245, CATERPILLAR 9Y4496, CEDARAPIDS 0930009304, CHAMP FP1652, CHAMPION ROAD 100462, CHRYSLER L316, CLARK 6516722, CLARK 6660728, CLARK 6541193, CLARK 1549592, CLARK 997591, CLARK 60066, CLARK,J.L. 6660728, COOP PL1553, COOPERS HSM6044, CROSS 1A9023, CROSS F13CA, CROSS F13BA, CROSS F1, CROSS S29, CYCLONE PM1553, DELUXE WD453, DELUXE 278, DELUXE 453, DELUXE WD278, DENISON DE0121B1P20, DMIC DMS04BN, DRESSER H4104002, DRESSER 3800028F7, DRESSER 3800021F7, DRESSER S28, DYNAPAC 926556, EAGLE PICHER 60369, ERICKSON 1553, FIAT 70248399, FIAT 702483998, FIAT SFD18502, FIAT 71183469, FORCE AMERICA INC F365325C, FORD C0NNB951A, FORD C0NNB951B, FORD C0NNB951C, FORD 9576P551553, FORD SFD18502, FORD 193509, FORD 193598, FORD 107249, FORD CONN6708A, FORD CONNB951A, FORD CONNB951C, FORD CONNB951B, FORD C0NN6708A, FORD C5R6731C, FORD 7700040, FPC FPE3025N, FPC FPE3025, FREIGHTLINER DNP551553, GEHL 061511, GENIE 44788, GILLIG 8238888000, GOULD P1553, GRAINGER 1R413, GRESEN F103, GRESEN 8057001, GRESEN 8057000, GRESEN FB103, GRESEN FA103, GRESEN 1545, GRESEN 1554, GRESEN 1553002, GRESEN 1553001, GRESEN 1553, GRESEN K22002, GRESEN K22007, GROVE 7437000192, GUD Z42, HUBER WARCO 102127, HYDRA MAC 1309108, HYDRA MAC 1309106, HYSTER 432223, INGERSOLL RAND 59532960, INGERSOLL RAND 38490116, INGERSOLL RAND 59490664, INGERSOLL RAND 57013104, JACOBSEN 281370, JACOBSEN 925023, JLG 43540, JLG 2120072, JOHN BEAN 1553, JOHN DEERE RE34040, JOHN DEERE AT38431, JOHN DEERE 1553, JOY 190052012, JOY 12283371, JOY 1228371, KNECHT HX1, KOEHRING 8320241, KOEHRING K8724, KRALINATOR L37, KRALINATOR L54, LENZ CP75230, LEROI GD1155391, LEROI 43637, LHA SPE1525, M.D.F. SARL MDH9024, MANITOU DMS04BN, MASSEY FERGUSON 1553, MASSEY FERGUSON 1043939M91, MASSEY FERGUSON 103318M91, MASSEY FERGUSON 1033318M91, MASSEY FERGUSON 1051689M1, MODINA CA201CV1, MP FILTRI CSG50P25AN, MP FILTRI CSG50P25A, MP FILTRI CG050P25A, MP FILTRI CSG050P25A, MP FILTRI 61000302, MUSTANG 17016722, NATIONAL OILWELL 123495, NEOPART DONP551553, NEOPLAN DONP551553, NEW HOLLAND 783733, NEW HOLLAND SFD18502, NEW HOLLAND 636844, NEW HOLLAND 86546603, NEW IDEA 197412A, NORMAN ULTRAPOROUS 325, PERRY PL453, PETRO CLEAR 40530P, PRINCE FA25, PRO MATCH 9Y4496, PRO MATCH 9Y4518, PRO MATCH 9Y4448, PTI F4E030DCB, PUROLATOR PER2025, PUROLATOR PER2001, PUROLATOR PER20MIC25, PUROLATOR 6677360, PUROLATOR H32025, PUROLATOR PER48, QUAKER STATE QS1654, QUAKER STATE QS1654A, RANSOMES 108046, RANSOMES H5002, SANDVIK 020122051, SAVARA 92821117, SNORKEL G212007, STAY READY SRPP1652, STEIGER 18502, STEWART & STEVENSON 168224, SULLAIR 408107, SULLAIR 44416, TCM 1218382301, THOMAS 008724, TIMBERJACK 201508, TIMBERJACK 100620, TIMBERJACK T6646, TORO 281370, TORO 239740, TORO 863010, TYM TA00043153A, UCC HYDRAULICS US1500425B, UCC HYDRAULICS US1500425, UNITED CENTRAL INDUSTRIAL SUPP 688676, VANAIR MANUFACTURING 261991, VELCON FO40530SP, VERMEER 79703001, VERMEER 180005631, VICKERS V0121B1P20, VMC HF551553, VOLVO 100462, WARTSILA O931450, WHITE W197412A, WHITE 197412A, YALE 513498806
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