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Oil Filter Compatible 1614874700 1614874799 - MPS Filter

Oil Filter Compatible 1614874700 1614874799 - MPS Filter

Size:H142*Φ93*Φ1"-12 mm;
Compatible filter for your reference:
AC DELCO PF898, AG CHEM EQUIPMENT 720300, ALCO SP950, ALLIS-CHALMERS 45307022, ALUP 17200222, AMERICAN MOTORS CORPORATION 70203C2, AMERICAN PARTS 832, ATLAS COPCO 1614874700, ATLAS COPCO 1614874799, BARBER-GREENE 9L9200, BERGERAT MONNOYEUR E6766, BIG A 92261, BOSCH-REXROTH 0451104066, BROS 9N5680, CASE/CASE IH H411272, CATERPILLAR 9Y4484, CENEX CO2862, CHAMP PH791, CHARDONNET 725529700, CMI 499129200, COMPACTION AMERICA 31899200, COOP PL1655, COOPERS Z66, CROSLAND 319, CYCLONE PM370, DAEWOO D141099, DELUXE 374, DEUTZ B0150157510, DEZZI 350070, DONSSON GS022, DONALDSON P555680, DRESSER 530824R1, DYNAPAC 752012, EATON 5134988, EIMCO 64102479, ELGIN 9L9200, EXMAN 70203C2, FAUN 7395819, FIAAM FP4653HP, FIAT 74530702, FILT FF307EC, FLO-LINE NO. PL654, FORD 9576P555680, FREIGHTLINER DNP555680, FURUKAWA 530824R1, GOULD P370, GREYFRIARS HS7624, GROVE 9L9200, GUD Z66, HERKULES (TELSNIG) 420000411, HYSTER 4020588, INGERSOLL RAND 89245773, INTERNATIONAL 1004366C1, INTRUPA 83235, JOHN BEAN 3A11653, JOHN DEERE GG17016722, JOY 5276316, KALMAR 4530702, KHD B0150157510, KNECHT AW58, KOMATSU 70203C1, KRALINATOR L151R, KUBOTA 7005090029, LEROI 9N5680, LINK BELT 3A11653, LOESING 25001, LPM 13505269, MACO-MEUDON COMPRESSORS 529214, MAN 00050705704, MARINE PERFORMANCE MPL846, MASSEY FERGUSON 1088209M91, MI-JACK 23100322, NELSON 85098A, NELSON WINSLOW Q59304, NEOPLAN DONP555680, NEW HOLLAND 9N5690, ORENSTEIN & KOPPEL 1451198, P & H 1046Z544, P.B.R. BC1065, PACCAR Y05997000, PERMATIC FI280, PERRY PL297, PETERBILT 1000960, POCLAIN 8888840, PREMIER PRODUCTS 249999021, PUROLATOR L30054, QUAKER STATE QS36, RENAULT VI 5000816001, SANDVIK 64102479, SAVARA 92821217, SERVICE CHAMP OF381, SOPARIS OC44, STEIGER 28006, SULLAIR 02250154510, SYSTEMS MATERIAL HANDLING YT513498806, TAMROCK 64102479, TECHNOCAR R235, TEREX 103843, TEXACO HDO12, TFMC T00424, TIM 9N5690, TOTAL SOURCE HY4020588, TOWMOTOR 9N5680, UNITED CENTRAL INDUSTRIAL SUPP 688932, VAPORMATIC VPD5016, VMC HF555680, WALGAHN-MOTORENTECHN 00811440, WARNER & SWASEY PH2862, WAYNE 44791, WGB S273CP, WHITE 303119475, YUCHAI YJX6319, ZETOR TB93407505, ZF 750131005
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