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Fuel Filter Compatible FS1212 - MPS Filter

Fuel Filter Compatible FS1212 - MPS Filter

Compatible filter for your reference:
AC DELCO TP1001, AG CHEM EQUIPMENT 702256C1, AGCO 711048, ALLIS-CHALMERS 4394407, AMERICAN MOTORS CORPORATION FI10040, AMERICAN PARTS 541, AUSTOFT 181925, BARBER-GREENE 702256C1, BELL 220076, BEML 30Z7180369, BERGERAT MONNOYEUR E6720, BIG A 95334, BOMAG 31243001, CASE/CASE IH 498435C1, CATERPILLAR 2266561, CHAMP LFF8000, CHAMPION ROAD 36849, CHINA LOCAL VF1811, COMPAIR 9826250880002, COOPERS FSM4029, CROSLAND 5027, CUMMINS 3308638, DAEWOO 24749058, DAF C3308638, DAIHATSU 2330087507, DELUXE 357, DEMAG 694137, DETROIT DIESEL 23516189, DEZZI 350115, DMT CORPORATION 531007, DOOSAN 24749060A, DONALDSON P558000, DRESSER 1214920H1, EIMCO 69016586, ENMTP CPG 7364111, ERF (E.R.F.) 1355376, EXMAN FI10040, FAMEL FCS211, FIAAM FT4937, FIAT 4394407, FIATALLIS 74394407, FODEN Y03702609, FORD 6123881, FREIGHTLINER DNP558000, FURUKAWA 1214920H1, GREYFRIARS 845S, GROVE 7437000747, GT PIECES ET SERVICES 2241086, GUARDIAN G033341, HAVAM 00015163, HERKULES (TELSNIG) 400002508, HESSTON 700052371, HIGHPOWEREQUIPMENT FS1212, HITACHI 40859121, HOUGH 1214920H1, HYUNDAI 11E170220, IMPERIAL 04FS1212, INGERSOLL RAND 3357268, INTERNATIONAL 1214920H1, ISUZU 1119ZB6030, JCB 2800030, JOHN DEERE A184776, KENWORTH KW1212, KNECHT KC192, KOBELCO YN50VU0001D7, KOMATSU 1214920H1, KRALINATOR FS243, LAND ROVER 36010194, LANDA 36010194, LEYLAND-DAF (LDV) C3308638, LIEBHERR 7364111, LINK BELT C6H0279, LIUGONG 53C0366, LOCKHEED APF3246A, LOESING 025063, LOVOL 3308638, M.D.F. SARL MDF552, MACK 2191P558000, MCCORMICK A184776, MI-JACK 23150204, MINNPAR 73144663, MORBARK 29214195, NEOPART DO0110001001, NEW HOLLAND 700052371, ONAN 1492200, ORENSTEIN & KOPPEL 102650, PACCAR Y03702609, PAYHAULER 702255C1, PERRY PF357, POCLAIN E1950565, PRO MATCH 9Y4431, PUROLATOR 6685817, SAMSUNG 3315843, SANDVIK 69016586, SANY B222100000493, SAVARA 92819417, SISU 1273400051, SOFIMA S1694B, STEIGER 903941T1, SUNWARD 750201011130, TATA 4962810, TATRA 442900501000, TAYLOR 2404340, TECHNOCAR RN117, TELCO 4962810, TEREX 102650, TFMC 302298, THERMO KING 115947, TIM 9Y4424, TORQUIP 15266845, TROJAN 4609279, UNITED CENTRAL INDUSTRIAL SUPP 689004, UNIVERSAL COACH PARTS T121081, VERSATILE 00079080, VMC FF558000, VOLVO 2551717, WALGAHN-MOTORENTECHN 00811376, WHITE 027000142, YALE 4609279
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