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Fuel Filter Compatible 23401-1640 - MPS Filter

Fuel Filter Compatible 23401-1640 - MPS Filter

Compatible filter for your reference:
AC DELCO TP1290, AC DELCO TP807, AG CHEM EQUIPMENT 702250C1, ALLIS-CHALMERS 4006995, AMERICAN PARTS 573, AMERICAN PARTS 540, AMERICAN PARTS 538, ASAHI HF657, BIG A 95239, CASE/CASE IH A184772, CASE/CASE IH 70225C1, CASE/CASE IH 625625C1, CASE/CASE IH 625626C1, CASE/CASE IH 702250C1, CATERPILLAR 9Y4439, CATERPILLAR 9Y4424, CATERPILLAR 3I1255, CATERPILLAR 3I1256, CATERPILLAR 7E9763, COOPERS FSM4024, CROSLAND 9360, DELUXE 362, DELUXE WD362, DRESSER 702250C1, DRESSER 625626C1, DRESSER 625625C1, FIAT 74006995, FORD 9576P552251, FREIGHTLINER DNP552251, GREYFRIARS 812S, GUARDIAN G033239, HINO 234011651, HINO 234011650, HINO S234011650, HINO 234011580, HINO S234011651, HINO 234011321, HINO 234011283, HINO 234011282, HINO 234011284, HINO 234011241, HINO 234011240, HINO S234011222, HINO S234011580, HINO 234011241A, HINO 234011200, HINO 234011228, HINO 234011221, HINO 234011280, HINO 234011281, HINO 235021010, HINO 235011010A, HINO 235011010, HITACHI 4448736, HITACHI H3256260300, INTERNATIONAL 625625C1, INTERNATIONAL 402255C1, INTERNATIONAL 703421C1, INTERNATIONAL 702250C1, KOHLER GM13947, KOMATSU 625625C1, KOMATSU 3816256261, KOMATSU 702143C1, KRALINATOR F161A, KRALINATOR F161, KUBOTA J30143170, KUBOTA K1J30143170, LOCKHEED APF3235A, MITSUBISHI 3256260300, MITSUBISHI 3256260300E, NISSAN/UD TRUCKS 16403NY001, NISSAN/UD TRUCKS 1640399013, NISSAN/UD TRUCKS BF40399013, NISSAN/UD TRUCKS AY500HD502, PRO MATCH 9Y4424, PRO MATCH 9Y4439, PUROLATOR PER131F, PUROLATOR PER131, PUROLATOR PER35, PUROLATOR PER63, PUROLATOR F50131, PUROLATOR 6675580, SANY 60206775, SAVARA 92820117, TAKEUCHI K1J30143170, TAKEUCHI J30143170, UNITED CENTRAL INDUSTRIAL SUPP 688712, VIC FC608, VMC FF550683, VMC FF552251, VOLVO 3831484, WHITE 400002508, Donaldson P552251
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