Filter solutions

MPS is a private enterprise specialized in producing a series of filter products. We have several modern production lines, with an annual output of more than 3 million sets of filters and passed ISO/TS 16949 internation quality system certification.

  • Large digital smart factory; Professional filter produciton lines; Workship 6S standard management.
  • Products cover Generator sets, Construction machinery, Agricultural machinery, Air compressor, Mining machinery, Heavy duty.
  • Professional quality management follow certificate -IATF16949 and process inspection team.

Production Conditions

Experimental data,the precondition for technology R&D.

The R&D laboratory has various types of precision test instruments such as Hydraulic pulse fatigue test bench, Bypass valve performance test bench, Salt spray chamber.

The advanced experimental equipment is not only for individual test, it can also provide the correct data support for a complete R&D project. Scientific and effective experiments point the way for the development of new products and the improvement of old products, and provide a strong guarantee for our endless filtration technology.

Automation equipment,the trong guarantee of stable quality.

MPS has a strict production management system, automation equipment throughout the entire production process, and managed by senior technical personnel, which effectively improves the efficiency and quality, greatly reduces and avoids the error caused by human factors, so as to ensure that the quality of each product is stable, and the product can be highly consistent.

Quality Control

Advanced methodology to guide production process and quality control.

  1. Apply APQP method to improve the ability of product design and manufacturing process design;
  2. Use FMEA method to eliminate or reduce the occurrence of unqualified products;
  3. SPC method is used for process prevention to achieve zero defect;
  4. Using MSA method to ensure the reliability of the measurement system;
  5. Apply PPAP method to ensure that customers' requirements are fully understood and met;
  6. Apply five methodologies throughout the core process of product realization.

Filtration Media

Filter paper is the key component of a filter.

Filter paper determines the filter efficiency and is the most critical part of the filter. It generally accounts for more than 60% of the total cost of the filter. In order to ensure the product quality, MPS adopts HV and AHLSTROM filter materials to realize high efficiency filtration.

Our filter can directly replace the global mainstream brand products, filtering precision can reach 90% of the genuine brand, some indicators even beyond the genuine quality.

Our Value

Problems you might encounter

Low profit margins

The price of genuine filter is too expensive, high equipment maintenance cost and low level of product profit margin;

Severe price comparison

The market price of genuine filter is transparent and homogenized seriously. Customers can only compare the price horizontally and ignore your service;

Low cost solution requirements

In the global economic downturn, people are looking for more affordable maintenance solutions as reliable as genuine products.


Our solutions

  • The high quality products witch can directly replace the genuine filter.
  • Perfect low cost equipment maintenance solution .

 Reliable quality

Similar quality of genuine products, it can directly replace genuine filters.

Increase profit margin

The price is much lower than Genuine filter,it helps to significantly improve the profit margin.

One-stop procurment

Complete product models, one-stop procurement of global mainstream brands of various models of filters.

Enhance the influence of own brand

Customized packaging to enhance the influence of own brand, reduce the horizontal contrast of products, and obtain brand reputation and premium.

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  • MPS is a private enterprise specialized in producing a series of filter products and passed ISO/TS 16949 internation quality system certification.  Learn More

    Filter Solutions

    MPS is a private enterprise specialized in producing a series of filter products and passed ISO/TS 16949 internation quality system certification.

    Filter Solutions 
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    Spare Parts Solutions

    In order to meet the needs of the market and customers, MPS has added a one-stop supply chain management service for spare parts while producing and selling filters.

    Spare Parts Solutions